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Portable Camera Towers (PCT)

Portable Camera Towers (PCT) are a great inexpensive solution for your Security needs. Although we don’t recommend replacing your Onsite Security Officers, the PCT is a great way to supplement your current needs. If you have a temporary Security Breach, a construction site or areas on your property that are vulnerable the PCT is for you.

Adding Portable Camera Towers to your business can greatly decrease crime including vandalism and theft. Our systems can be placed in a variety of outdoor applications. Our equipment is ideal in temporary locations where safety is a concern such as large gatherings (concerts, conventions, sporting events, parades, fairs/carnivals, etc.) and where recording or monitoring individuals' activity is important.

Every year, millions of dollars worth of heavy equipment and materials are stolen from job site locations. Unfortunately, most of this equipment is never recovered.

The PCT is indispensable in controlling your site with daily recording to provide clients with data that would be ignored by other types of devices. With weatherproof construction, these cameras are ideal anywhere you need outdoor surveillance that withstands harsh elements.

Each surveillance unit is solar-powered, allowing for an economic and environmentally friendly deterrent against possible theft and vandalism.

Although theft accounts for 50% of all losses on company sites, loss comes in many forms including vandalism, natural damage (flood, earthquake, etc.) accidental and fire damage. Our system which is quite visible acts as a deterrent for would be thieves and vandals.

Something to think about

1000’s of pieces of equipment go missing each week
Only 10-15% is ever recovered
Approx. 70% of owners experience equipment theft and property damage
Theft accounts for 50% of all equipment/Property losses
Visible deterrents can reduce risk by more than 80%

Arrow Security provides these units for discounted rates or even free for our Onsite Security Guard clients. Please call email or request a quote today.

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